Create your tailored shirt MyGift Box

Donate a tailored shirt

MyGamicia MyGift Box is the gift idea we have designed for you.
It contains a 50 EUR coupon for the purchase of a tailored shirt plus a kit for taking measurements.


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If you want to give a gift, don't choose a simple shirt, choose MyCamicia!

Put half measures aside and give a tailored shirt as gift: a beautiful, original thought, literally custom-made sewn. Thanks to My Camicia's My Giftbox it is very simple. What is it? My Gift Box is an elegant, practical, surprising box.

Inside you will find:

A coupon code worth € 50, without expiration date, to be spent on

A sample of our fabrics

A measuring tape

You decide where to send MyGift Box, to your address or to the one of the recipient of the gift. Thanks to our practice service, the receipient can take his/her measurements and he/she will be able to choose the shirt fabric, comfortably completing the configuration on our website.
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